2009-2010 AYP Notification for Parents/Guardians

Dear Parents,

As you may know, Rosa Parks Charter High School has been identified by the State of Minnesota as a school not making “Adequate Yearly Progress” (AYP) as it relates to the No Child Left Behind Act. This letter will not only help define AYP, but will share with you how it may affect your child, the options you may have as a family and how it may impact our school community.

What is Adequate Yearly Progress?

Federal law, under the No Child Left Behind Act, requires increased accountability for schools to reach high standards for all students in reading and mathematics. Each year, as part of the requirements for the No Child Left Behind Act, the State releases Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) reports for public schools in the state of Minnesota. Among other things, these reports measure our students’ performance in terms of the proportion of students who are at or above state defined academic standards in reading and mathematics as measured by the Minnesota statewide assessments.

How is AYP determined?

There are actually three specific criteria that the state reviews to determine if a school has made AYP. These three criteria include:

  1. Whether the proportion of students taking Minnesota statewide assessments meet the state’s annual AYP test participation goal. 
  2. Whether the students tested meet the state’s annual AYP proficiency rate.
  3. Whether the students meet the state’s annual graduation rate.

Did our school make AYP?

Based on the results of the state assessments, our school has not met the required percentage for proficiency, meaning not enough of our students have scored at the proficient or higher level on the test. Under the federal No Child Left Behind legislation, Rosa Parks Charter High School has been identified as a school that needs “Corrective Action”.

What specific area(s) resulted in our identification as not making AYP?

Rosa Parks Charter High School did not make Adequate Yearly Progress in the areas of Mathematics and Attendance.

What does our status as a Program Improvement School mean?

Meeting the educational needs of all of our students is the highest priority at Rosa Parks Charter High School . Because we have been identified for program improvement, our staff has defined a plan to improve student test scores in mathematics and continue to improve in reading. The plan is based on data identifying the needs of our students, staff and school and is focused on research based methods of raising student achievement. The specific activities that we are undertaking to improve the number of students achieving proficiency on the MCA II include:

  • Assess the emotional safety and well being of our students through the use of the Search Institute’s “Developmental Assets” survey.
  • Review/research data accompanying the test results from MDE to assist in identifying areas of need.
  • Integrate research into curriculum as part of data driven instruction.
  •  Implement and utilize the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP assessment to assess current level of competency of all students and utilize as part of our data driven instruction.
  • Faculty will continue to participate in continuing education and mentorship opportunities to remain on the leading edge of current best practices.
  •  Rosa Parks Charter High School will continue to expect will maintain their “highly qualified” status under NCLB
  • Rosa Parks Charter High School will continue and enhance the Advisory component of our school to better address the individual needs of each student as a “whole child”.
  •  Staff will continue to Team each Wednesday afternoon to “triage” each child and his/her current status academically and emotionally.
  •  Rosa Parks Charter High School will continue to maintain a class size cap of 15 students per classroom.

What does this mean for our school?

Once a school has been identified as not making AYP for two or more consecutive years, the school enters what is called “program improvement status”. The following information outlines the sanctions for our school during this stage of its improvement.

Program Improvement Plan

A team of school personnel and parents have created a plan to address the mathematics and reading scores within our school. We are asking for your assistance and participation in our efforts to address our school’s program improvement plan.

Parental Option 1: Transfer to Another Public School

You may choose to transfer your son or daughter to a school within your resident district not identified for improvement.

Students who decide to transfer will have the same access to all the services, programs and activities as all the other students at that school.

Parental option 2: Supplemental Education Services (SES)

Your second option is to choose, at no cost to you, to have your son or daughter receive special tutoring from an organization outside of the school. This tutoring is called Supplemental Education Services (SES).

If you decide to have your son or daughter receive SES, you may choose a tutoring provider from a list of approved providers. Be aware that you may need to provide transportation to and from the tutoring sessions.

If you choose to transfer your son or daughter to a different school, he or she is no longer eligible for SES.

Additional Resources:

Rosa Parks Charter High School believes with the dedication of staff, the support of families, the cooperation of the community and adequate resources, all children can succeed. Our school remains committed to No child Left Behind’s goal of closing the gaps in achievement among our students. For this reason, our school has undertaken a number of initiatives to ensure that all children attain proficiency. Some of these initiatives are:

  • Rosa Parks Charter High School has entered into a partnership with the Southeast Service Cooperative to utilize its School Improvement Coordinator, Diane Schwinghammer, to mentor us in our improvement process.
  • Rosa Parks Charter High School has formalized its Continuous Improvement Model to monitor its integration.
  • Rosa Parks Charter High School Parent Fellowship provides a venue for parents to impact the education of their children through sharing with other parents, faculty and administration.

Getting Involved

Rosa Parks Charter High School holds Parent Fellowship meetings the 3rd Thursday of each month from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the school. Fellowship is a social gathering, a support group and also a forum to discuss school business. These meetings are helpful in getting feedback and input regarding our AYP status, our improvement plan, recent student data, targets for instructional improvement and increased student achievement.

Please plan on attending these meetings when possible to share your challenges and successes and to offer input and guidance toward the operation of the school. Research continues to show that a parent’s participation in their child’s education is a key factor in academic success.

Thanks for your continued commitment to Rosa Parks Charter High School and the privilege to be your school of choice.


Jay Martini
Rosa Parks Charter High School