Find the Resources You Need for Your Student

Find the Resources You Need for Your Student

Browse through the student handbook or download enrollment forms for our Rochester, MN school

At Rosa Parks Charter High School, we believe parents and guardians are a vital part of our students’ learning experience. We like to keep our parents and guardians informed of their children’s academic progress. We also give you access to the student handbook so you’ll know exactly what’s expected of your child when they attend our Rochester, MN charter school.

All of the resources you need for your student are at your fingertips. Browse our website now to get yourself up-to-date on your student’s academics.

Your resources

We provide a variety of resources for parents and guardians, including:

  • JMC parent access
  • Required notifications
  • Parent fellowship and meeting dates
  • Student enrollment procedures and forms
  • Student handbook
  • Health services

Contact us today at 507-282-3325 for any additional information that can’t be found on this website.