Find the Resources You Need for Your Student

Find the Resources You Need for Your Student

At Rosa Parks Charter High School, we believe parents and guardians are a vital part of our students’ learning experience. We like to keep our parents and guardians informed of their student's academic progress. You will receive a copy of our student handbook so that you'll know exactly what is expected of our students, and the guidelines we have in place to ensure your student's success.

After browsing our website, should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. A key component of our school, is that we always welcome students, parents, and guardians to contact us with any question or concern they may have. Once students are enrolled, they’ll receive their Advisers’ personal cell phone number to be certain that students have full access to their adviser.

Your resources

We provide a variety of resources to students, parents, and guardians, including:

  • JMC parent access
  • Required notifications
  • Parent fellowship and meeting dates
  • Student enrollment procedures and forms
  • Student handbook
  • Health services (Full-time social worker, on-site mental health therapist, on-site nurse)
  • School events and activity notification via email