Distance Learning

  • Fill out the Daily Attendance Form
  • Check your school email
  • Check their Google Classrooms
    • Please check your classrooms to see what time  your class will be hosted on Google Meets
  • Check assignments and due dates

Minnesota Compulsory Attendance Law. 120.10 requires public schools to take attendance daily.

Students will fill out the Daily Attendance Form. This form will need to be completed by 11:59 pm, once per day.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, students should log into their 1-3 block classes on Google Classroom. On Thursdays and Fridays, students should log into their 4-6 block classes on Google Classroom. Each teacher will have their expectations posted. Students can utilize Wednesdays for a one-on-one with staff for support in any class.

All lessons are recorded and posted for students to review at any time. Students are to attend a google meets on their assigned day (A Day/B Day) during the following times:

Monday - Tuesday

Block 1: 9:50 am to 10:20

Block 2: 12:05 pm to 12:35 pm

Block 3: 1:45 pm to 2:15 pm

Thursday - Friday

Block 4: 9:50 am to 10:20

Block 5: 12:05 pm to 12:35 pm

Block 6: 1:45 pm to 2:15 pm

  • Advisors and the Fernbrook staff (for specified students) will provide support to address students’ mental and emotional wellness. This may occur face-to-face, virtually, or as a combination of both.
  • Signage identifying hotline numbers will be posted to better assist with the response to the crisis for students.
  • The RP Social-Emotional Learning team will identify and communicate which staff are available to support students, staff, and families and the types of support they can provide.
  • The school will send information and resources to the students’ households about the availability of services and resources.

  • The school will do all it can to ensure every household has Internet access.
  • Resources and training will be made available to families to familiarize themselves with technology.
  • Communication with families will still be delivered by advisors and the office manager via email or phone calls.

Phone Number (507) 282- 3325

Amanda (Sal) Salazar– Special Education /Advisor → Ext. 105 → asalazar@rocchs.org

Blair Larson– Science /Advisor/Lead Teacher → Ext. 104 → blarson@rocchs.org

Brian Barnes– Social Studies /Advisor → Ext. 110 → bbarnes@rocchs.org

Carol Lipstone – Administrative Coordinator → Ext. 100 → clipstone@rocchs.org

Dawntaya (Taya) Fullilove– Special Education Paraprofessional → Ext. 109 → dfullilove2@rocchs.org

Elizabeth (Beth) Bruns– Math Teacher → Ext. 107 → ebruns@rocchs.org

Kellie Shawback– Fernbrook Therapist → Ext. 108 → kshawback@rocchs.org

Jason Helm – Language Arts → Ext. 103 → jhelm@rocchs.org

Phil Giarratana – Special Education Teacher → Ext. 106 → pgiarratana@rocchs.org

Sophie Fuller– Special Education Paraprofessional → Ext. 111 → sfuller@rocchs.org

Beginning November 20, RPS will be offering 5-day meal kits for children 1 - 18 years old. Meal kits will consist of heat-and-serve and ready-to-eat entrees, plus fruit, vegetables, and milk. Instructions for storage and preparation will be provided. No pre-registration or paperwork is required.

Meal kits will be available for drive-through pick-up Friday, November 20, and Tuesday, November 24, 10 A.M. to 12 P.M., at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds, Graham Park Building #35 (1403 3rd Avenue SE, Rochester). Please enter the fairgrounds at the 14th Street and Broadway intersection. Proceed to Fairgrounds Avenue. Enter Building #35 from the north end. If able, please open/unlock the trunk or leave a seat open where the meal kit can be placed.

More information regarding the December meal kit pick up dates will be available following the Thanksgiving break.